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3 bedrooms 1 livingroom 1 bath 125 m² Furnished Central Heating Floor: 4 Building age: 35 years

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Kiralık dairemiz Şişli Harbiye'de Hilton Otel karşısında Vatikan Konsolosluğu karşısında bulunmaktadır. Kiralık dairemiz ferah geniş ve iki balkona sahiptir. Ayrıca her oda da klima bulunmaktadır. Sadece RentRovi'ye özel biz bu fiyatı uyguluyoruz. Harbiye'de benzer daireler en az %30 kirası daha fazladır. Ayrıca binada özel güvenlik bulunmakta, daire ile ilgili bir sorunla karşılaştığınızda 7/24 ulaşabilirsiniz. Kiralık dairemiz çok iyi bir konumda Taksim, Nişantaşı ve Osmanbey metrosuna 5 dakika mesafededir. Dairede tüm eşyalar mevcut sadece çantanızı alıp taşınabilirsiniz. Ayrıca tüm odalar çift yataklıdır. Our rental flat is located in Şişli Harbiye, opposite the Hilton Hotel, opposite the Vatican Consulate. Our flat for rent is spacious and has two balconies. In addition, each room has air conditioning. We apply this price exclusively for RentRovi. Similar apartments in Harbiye are at least 30% more. There is also a private security in the building, you can reach it 24/7 when you encounter a problem with the apartment. Our rental apartment is in a very good location, 5 minutes from Taksim, Nişantaşı and Osmanbey metro. All items are available in the apartment, you can just take your bag and move it. In addition, all rooms have double beds.

Listing Features

How to rent this Apartment ?

Rent your dream house 100% online

RentRovi's Team, first visit all houses on our platform in advance. We provide all the details pictures, videos and technical information about the house, and connect to the tenants 100% online.

Create an account and prepare all required documents

Register and prepare all required documents by landlord and proof of your income.

Contact the landLord

Ready to rent this property, contact the landlord and choose the right time to visit it.

Make payment

Until you make your final decision, we temporarily reserve this property for you, charging a certain amount of fee. In the meantime, other tenants are temporarily unable to reach the property you have reserved.

Move in

After you have seen the house, and if everything is as you want, you complete the process by signing the contract and moving in.

RR-Deposit-Free: 4,900 ₺
With Deposit: 4,500 ₺
Dues: 150 ₺

With RR-Deposit-Free

A first in Turkey!
From 50% to 75% of the deposit will be taken and spread over a year on the rent. In this model, the deposit fee is not refundable.

Example: For this Apartment

  • Aylık kira:4,500 ₺
  • Monthly RR-Deposit-Free: 400 ₺
  • Monthly dues: 150 ₺
  • Total: 5,050 ₺

With Deposit

The full amount of the deposit is paid in advance. If there is no damage in the house at the end of the contract and the tenant has fulfilled all the debt obligations, the tenant has the right to reclaim the entire deposit.

Example: For this Apartment

  • Aylık kira:4,500 ₺
  • One time deposit: 4,500 ₺
  • Monthly dues: 150 ₺
  • Total: 9,150 ₺

With Deposit-Free

The deposit fees you have paid so far will entirely remain in your pocket.

Example: For this Apartment

  • Deposit-Free is not available for this Apartment

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