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Terms And Conditions

Latest update: 8 June 2021

1. Parties

This user agreement (“Agreement”) will benefit from rental housing service (“Tenant”) and platform owner on rentrovi.com platform (or other address and/or mobile applications to be determined by RentRovi) (“Internet Site” and “Mobile Application”). It has been concluded between RentRovi Yazılım ve Danışmanlık Anonim Şirketi (“RentRovi”).

In this agreement, RentRovi and the Tenant together are defined as the "Parties" and each of them separately as a "Party".

Both parties have accepted their specified addresses as notification addresses. Unless the address changes are duly notified to the other party, the notification to the last notified address shall be deemed to have been made to the relevant party.

2. Subject and Purpose

This Agreement determines the rights and obligations between the Renter, who is a member of the platform and benefits from the rental service, and RentRovi, the owner of the platform.

3. Definitions & Parties

a) Platform: It refers to the address of https://www.rentrovi.com or the mobile application software.

b) Platform owner: It refers to the company having the trade name "Rentrovi Yazılım ve Danışmanlık Anonim Şirketi" and authorized persons.

c) Owner: It refers to the house Owner or the Authorized Person to rent out the house through the platform.

d) Tenant: It refers to the Person who rent the house in their own name or on behalf of a Person/Institution giving the authority.

e) Agreement: Indicates the written contract between the hosue owner and the platform owner.

f) Service Provide To Tenant: In order to rent the house, tenants can make an appointment to the address at the relevant date and time. This service is provided by the platform to the house owner.

g) Rovi: It refers to Persons who provide consultancy to the landlord and the tenant authorized by Rentrovi Yazılım ve Danışmanlık Anonim Şirketi.

h) RR-Deposit-Free Rental: It is a special rental model created by RentRovi and a first in Turkey! A deposit of 1/2 to 3/4 is taken depending on the house, divided into 12 installments and spread over one year on the monthly rent. In this model, the deposit fee is non-refundable.

i) Deposit-Free Rental: From now on, the deposit you have paid to date is completely in your pocket with this model. As a landlord, you can get your entire annual rent in advance and you don't have to worry about paying monthly rent.

4. Tenant's Obligations

a) Tenant within the platform,
i) After becoming a member of the platform, it must pass the security check successfully.
ii) The tenant can browse listings in the platform to rent a house.
iii) The tenant requests a Tenant service to see the property.
iv) After the tenant sees the house and gives his approval, a lease agreement is signed with the Landlord.

b) Within the scope of Welcoming the Tenant, the Tenant will be able to Welcome the Tenant through the Platform without the need for the intervention of RentRovi. In order to complete the Welcoming the Renter, RentRovi will require the Renter for a down payment and/or damage deposit.

c) In case of cancellation of Welcoming the Tenant and Welcoming the Tenant within the scope of the Platform, or if the hours of Welcoming the Tenant are changed by the lessor, the Tenant will be informed via the contact information registered on the Platform. If the Tenant accepts the changed Tenant Welcome time or date within the scope of this notification, the relevant Tenant Welcome will be deemed to have been taken to the specified date.

d) If the Tenant does not accept the changed Welcoming the Tenant date or the Welcoming the Tenant is canceled by the Landlord, the deposit and or service fee paid to the Tenant will be refunded.

e) The Tenant agrees, declares and undertakes that she will not make any demands from RentRovi under any name in any case arising from the Welcoming the Tenant or the cancellation or change of the Welcoming the Tenant.

f) In the event that the Tenant receives the Welcoming the Tenant service, in the event that the service is not performed due to reasons attributable only to him, such as the cancellation of the Welcoming the Tenant after the meeting of the Tenant, or the absence of the Tenant on the date and time of the Welcome to the Tenant, the service fee paid to RentRovi will not be requested in any way, and he promises that He accepts, declares and undertakes that the fee in question will not be refunded to him.

g) The Tenant states that the purchase of Welcoming the Tenant service is included in the category of products and services that cannot be exercised with the right of withdrawal, which is also included in Article 15 of the Distance Contracts Regulation, and in this context, if the Welcoming the Tenant service is canceled by itself on the Platform after the purchase of the Welcoming the Tenant, there will be no service fee refund. accepts.

h) The Tenant accepts, declares and undertakes to comply with all kinds of notifications made/to be made by RentRovi regarding use, membership and service on this Agreement and the Platform and to act in accordance with these notifications.

i) The Tenant accepts, declares and undertakes that all the information he/she has given while subscribing to the RentRovi Platform is correct and complete, that he/she is exclusively responsible for any damages and sanctions that may arise from their incorrectness, and that RentRovi will immediately and in cash indemnify any damages that may be incurred in this regard.

j) The Tenant is responsible for the confidentiality of the user name and password set by the Tenant and exclusive to her, and RentRovi has no responsibility for any damage that may be incurred by third parties as a result of their own fault or negligence.

k) The tenant and those accompanying her are obliged to cleanly use the house, pool, garden furniture, all electrical and electronic goods and other furniture delivered to them in working and intact condition.

l) The tenant and accompanying persons must leave all items delivered to them clean in the same way. On the day of departure, the residence must be delivered with all the garbage thrown away and the dishes washed. Otherwise, RentRovi may charge a cleaning fee in cases where the residence is left unreasonably dirty.

m) In case of any damage to the residence, the Tenant is obliged to notify RentRovi. If the deposit is taken, the cost of all kinds of damage to the house and all kinds of goods lost during their stay will be deducted from this deposit, if the damage deposit has not been received, the Tenant will be requested to pay in cash.

n) The tenant and the people accompanying them should pay attention to comply with the social and moral rules, not to make noise in a way that disturbs the environment, not to listen to loud music, and not to engage in criminal behavior that is prohibited by the laws of our country. For such reasons, RentRovi has the right to request the Tenant to vacate the residence before the rental period expires, in case a complaint reaches RentRovi about the Tenant and his accompanying persons.

o) The Tenant, while using the Platform and providing all kinds of content to the Platform, acts in accordance with all kinds of legislation applied and in force in the Republic of Turkey, that this content is in accordance with general morality, does not protect any rights of third parties (personal rights, intellectual and industrial property rights, etc.) does not violate; accepts, declares and undertakes that RentRovi will immediately and in cash compensation for any damages that may be incurred due to its contrary behavior.

p) The Tenant agrees and declares that RentRovi will not be liable for any damages that may arise from the use of the Platform.

q) The Tenant shall ensure that all transactions and actions of all persons who will access and transact on the Platform through his/her own account are made in his/her own name and account and bind him/her, shall ensure that he/she acts in accordance with this Agreement and all relevant legislation, and is personally responsible for all transactions and actions of these persons, It accepts, declares and undertakes that it will compensate RentRovi immediately and in cash due to the transactions and actions of the persons concerned in any way contrary to this Agreement and / or the legislation.

5.RentRovi Obligations

a) RentRovi is obliged to inform the Tenant about the cancellation and change of the Tenant Welcome or the Tenant Welcome.

b) RentRovi will only be able to inform the Tenant through the contact information registered to the Platform, within the scope of the services offered through the Platform.

c) RentRovi and the Tenant are legally independent. There is no partnership, agency or employee-employer relationship between them.

d) RentRovi may, for legal reasons and/or upon the request of official authorities, notify the Tenant's information to the relevant authorities without the prior consent of the Tenant.

e) RentRovi is obliged to make the utmost effort to ensure the smooth operation of the Website.

f) RentRovi does not undertake that the Platform will operate without errors.

g) RentRovi will not be liable for unauthorized reading of the Tenant's data and for any damages that may occur to them.

h) RentRovi may, at its sole discretion, modify or delete all or part of the Platform, or suspend certain services temporarily or permanently.

i) The Platform may contain links or references to other websites that are not under RentRovi's control, and RentRovi is in no way responsible for the content of these websites or any other links they contain.

j) In case of any mandatory change in the conditions regarding the provision of services through the Platform, including the pricing, either at the sole discretion of RentRovi or due to the regulations and/or the instructions of the authorized institutions and organizations, this situation will be notified to the Tenant by RentRovi through the Platform and from the date of notification. it will be valid. If the relevant changes are not accepted by the Tenant, the Tenant's access to the Platform will be terminated.

6. Account Transactions

Suspension, deletion and re-opening of RentRovi's account created by the Landlord in case any article of the Agreement is violated by the Landlord and/or requested by the Information Technologies and Communication Authority, Telecommunications Communication Presidency or other authorities. reserves the right to take away the opportunity, to remove all content from the broadcast and to claim compensation independently of them.

7. Pricing

a) Being a member of RentRovi is completely free. A service fee is charged only if you want to rent a house as a tenant.

b) The Tenant accepts, declares and undertakes that he will pay only RentRovi for the rented house, that the payment he will make to the Landlord or third parties other than RentRovi will have no consequences, in which case he will have to pay the said fee to RentRovi again.

c) This article 7/a can in no way be interpreted as RentRovi being a payment or electronic money institution in accordance with the Law on Payment and Securities Settlement Systems, Payment Services and Electronic Money Institutions No. 6493 and other legislation.

d) All details about the pricing and service model are published at www.rentrovi.com/en/landlord/.

8. Cookies

a) We collect your login email address, gender, year of birth, IP address, location data.

b) When you visit our website, we collect relevant data to remember your username or search queries for your next visit.

c) We collect the specified information from your social media account or other online accounts in third-party applications linked to your account. E.g; If you are logged in with your Facebook or Google account, we will ask for your permission to access such information.

d) We may invite you to inform us about our services, to sign up for newsletters, or to fill out a survey or participate in a sweepstakes, contest, etc., through a third-party application. If you participate, we collect and store your personal data of your name, email address, phone number, address.

e) We collect and store your data such as your name, e-mail address, IP address, location and operating system with automatic methods, along with the messages you forward through our live support panel.

9. Intellectual Property

a) RentRovi, the general appearance and design of the Website and all information, pictures, brands, domain names, logos, icons, demonstrative, written, electronic, graphic or machine-readable technical data on the Website, computer software, applied sales system. is the owner or licensee of all materials (“Material”) and related intellectual and industrial property rights, including business method and business model.

b) Any material on the Website; It cannot be changed, copied, reproduced, translated into another language, republished, uploaded to another computer, posted, transmitted, presented or distributed, including code and software, without prior permission and without reference.

c) The whole or part of the Website and/or Mobile Application cannot be used on another website and/or mobile application without permission. Due to contrary actions, RentRovi's legal and penal demands and all other rights not expressly stated here are reserved.

10. Force Majeure

a) Any of the debts and obligations undertaken by one of the Parties with this Agreement, due to accident, fire, flood, strike, earthquake, war, civil war, rebellion or any behavior of administrative authorities, law or any legal regulation, etc. Failure to do so will not result in the responsibility of this Party and this situation will be considered as force majeure.

b) In the event that the force majeure does not disappear for 30 (thirty) calendar days, each Party has the right to terminate the Agreement.

c) In the context of this Agreement, interruptions and delays caused by internet service providers and other relevant organizations and actions of third parties, unforeseen, emergency maintenance and repair works, interruptions and restrictions imposed by the competent authorities, earthquakes, pandemics will be considered force majeure, and the parties will not be liable for any of these interruptions and delays. they will not be able to go about their responsibility.

11. Contract Termination and Reasons

a) This Agreement will remain in effect until the membership is canceled for any reason by the Renter or RentRovi.

b) In the event that the Renter violates his obligations under the provisions of this Agreement, the Agreement may be terminated immediately, without prejudice to RentRovi's right to any compensation, and/or RentRovi has the right to suspend or immediately terminate the Renter's access, in this context RentRovi's It accepts, declares and undertakes that it will immediately and in cash compensation for any damages it may incur and any administrative, criminal and judicial fines that it may be liable to pay.

c) The Tenant cannot rent and/or make his account available to third parties; If the contrary is determined, the membership will be terminated immediately.

12. Dispute Resolution

In case of any dispute arising from the contract, Istanbul Enforcement Offices and Courts will be authorized.

13. Contract Enforcement

This Agreement is deemed to have been read and approved by the Tenant from the moment of registering as a member of the platform or starting to use the services offered within the scope of the Platform.