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Davet Et ve Kazan
Using RentRovi from wherever you are,
Earn money.
We invite you to become a RentRovi business partner.
How can I earn money with RentRovi?
Do you know someone who has a rental house nearby?
Invite now, and start earning.
As RentRovi, when we make a contract with the person who has a rental house,
we instantly send 150 TL to your account.
After we agree with the landlord and the house is rent out,
we send 10% of the first rent to your account.
Leave your contacts, we will be in touch with you shortly.
Example: You invited a person who owns a house, if he signs a contract with RentRovi, you earn 150 TL. If the monthly rent of this house is 5000TL, you will earn 10% of the first rent, 650TL in total after it is rent out.