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Bakırköy Flat For Rent

While renting a house, you often consider different factors. Having some expectations from the house you want to live in is a priority in determining these factors. Especially if you live in metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, different factors will also affect when choosing the house. By eliminating the options in this way, you can find the house you are looking for. What should you pay attention to when evaluating house options for rent in Bakırköy? If you choose Bakırköy to live for different reasons, the neighborhood should also be determined. Bakırköy, an old settlement, stands out as an alternative district where many people would want to live.

Its central location, transportation facilities, social structure, and similar factors increase the demand for this neighborhood. The house for rent you are always looking for can be found in Bakırköy district. However, the clarity of your search determines which neighborhood and what kind of house it should be. How many rooms should the house you need? How important are transportation facilities? Is it centrally located or can you also evaluate the other options? Immediately after all these factors are determined, you can get support from an experienced expert in the district and accelerate the process of finding a house for rent. RentRovi, which accelerates this process, is ready to help you with everything!

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There Are Many Reasons To Live In Bakırköy

With its unique properties, Bakırköy attracts attention as a highly preferred district for those living in Istanbul. The district, which is also high in terms of housing stock, has transportation networks such as sea transportation, rail system, minibus, bus, and metrobus. Therefore, people who want to use public transportation concentrate their search for renting a house in Bakırköy.

The reason for the high demand for the district is that it has both social facilities and extensive transportation options. Likewise, even if you have a private car, Bakırköy also provides convenience in terms of connection to the main roads. You can quickly cross the coast road, E5, and Tem connection, and you will not waste time on transportation. In cases where there are responsibilities such as work and school, such issues should also be taken into account. How can you reach faster to rent house alternatives in Bakırköy, where expectations can be met effectively? First of all, let's say that people in Istanbul stay away from rental house initiatives from the owners. You can also see this during your search. The work to be done is usually done through real estate consultants and in this sense, in order to find the house you are looking for easily, getting support from RentRovi, which dominates the district you want, will offer you the fastest solution.

Why Should You Rent A House In Bakırköy?

Bakırköy offers the most social areas to live for residents. Whatever the expectations are, it has great options. There are wonderful sightseeing areas, parks, and cafes along the coastline. Besides, the sea bus makes it easier for you to reach the Anatolian side and other stops in a very short time. The district, which has its own bazaars, offers incredible advantages for shopping. Apart from the residents of the district, visitors from other parts of Istanbul also frequently come to this neighborhood.

Prices of a house for rent in Bakırköy vary depending on the location and condition of the house. Generally, the rents are the same as the prices of the house for rent in Istanbul. In this sense, it is quite normal to be preferred since it has many advantages. It can appeal to everyone for social facilities, cinemas, shopping malls, walking trails, green areas, and unique activities. Although it is an old settlement, the buildings are in very good condition. On the other hand, many new projects have increased the Bakırköy housing stock and enabled the creation of better quality housing spaces. Especially when you look at the suitable rent a house options in Bakırköy, you can see the houses in relatively old and alleys. You can find any suitable house for your budget, and you can access public transportation facilities by walking a little. When transportation and social facilities satisfy you, you can have an extremely peaceful life. Step into RentRovi to rent a house in Bakırköy right now!

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Getting Started
What is RentRovi and how does it work?

RentRovi is a medium and long term home rental platform that offers end-to-end management for landlords and tenants.

Is it advantageous to rent a house through RentRovi?

When you rent a house through RentRovi, we reduce your house visits by 60% thanks to the correct location, pictures and videos, and you can even rent a house online from where you live.
Thanks to the favorable commission and different deposit models we offer, we save up to 50% in the first rental compared to traditional real estate offices.
When you encounter a problem with the house after the rental, you can reach it online 24/7.

Who can rent or rent out on RentRovi?

Anyone can rent a property on RentRovi.
As long as you have a valid and legal status. For foreigners, a valid Resident permit / Visa is a must.
Same for landlord, any house owner can rent out on RentRovi, as long as you are the legal Owner of the property / properties that you wish to list, or you have the right to rent out the property / properties that you wish to list.

In which cities do you serve?

For now, we only provide service in the big districts of Istanbul.
In the first months of 2022, we aim to serve in all of Istanbul and Turkey's three largest cities.

Is it free to become a RentRovi member?

You can create an account on RentRovi for free. We charge according to the service models we offer. For more information, visit www.rentrovi.com/en/landlord/ page.

How much to rent out my property?

It is totally free to list your property on RentRovi. The best is that you can list as many as you wish with no charges.
Even our Rovis(Homecheckers) are free of charge;)

Sales Questions
What is RR-Deposit-Free?

It is a rental option that is reflected in one-year rent by taking 3/1 of a deposit without making a deposit while renting a house. This fee is not requested from the landlord at the end of the rental.

What is the Installment Deposit and Commission Model?

This model is a model implemented in cooperation with RentRovi Koçfinans. We pay the landlord's annual rent in advance, and you, the tenants, can pay in 12 installments with a credit defined in your name without paying the deposit and commission all at once.

What is Deposit-Free Model?

From now on, the deposit you have paid to date is completely in your pocket with this model. As a landlord, you can get your entire annual rent in advance and you don't have to worry about paying monthly rent.

Usage Guides
How do I create an account?

To create an account as a tenant, press the Sign Up button and follow the instructions on the page.

How to book a visit?

From the property details page, click the Schedule a Visit button, select your available time range and submit your request. Within 12 hours the house owner or a RentRovi agent will answer you. You will be notified my email once your request has been answered, so make sure to regulary check your inbox or spam. You can Log In to your RentRovi account for any update.

Can I rent the house online without seeing it?

You can rent the house online with the help of 100% accurate visual and advertisement information. If the information in the image and advertisement is not correct after renting the house, your fee will be refunded exactly.

How long can I rent the house for?

The houses in our structure are suitable for renting between 1-12 months. The length and brevity of these processes are arranged according to the wishes of the host.