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Şişli Flat For Rent

Şişli, which is one of the old settlements of Istanbul, has become a big center today. A large number of people prefer to live in the district because of their business areas, transportation facilities, and of course residence options. From this point of view, the house options for rent in Şişli also have a very intense and fast circulation.

Being an active district, Şişli is a great place to live and work. It offers an environment where people can live comfortably with its social facilities, unique location, being in the center of the city, and social facilities. If you are looking for a house for rent in the Şişli district, there are also issues you need to pay attention to.

First of all, in the district, main roads are always rented and sold for high prices. If it is not essential for you, the houses on the side streets in the district will provide better budgets for house options for rent in Şişli. New projects can also be an alternative for those who do not prefer old buildings. Although these have slightly higher rental prices, they appear as unproblematic and durable structures. Before starting the search for a house for rent in Şişli, it is useful to determine the issues such as how many rooms a house should be, in which neighborhood, what are your expectations and budget. In this way, you can move faster and get an efficient result.

Kadıköy, one of the most popular districts of Istanbul, is a very nice area to live in. To experience the advantages of living in Kadıköy, you can examine the Kadıköy Flat For Rent page and take a look at the rental apartment advertisements.

What Are The Advantages Of Renting A House In Şişli?

Şişli is one of the most popular and central districts of Istanbul. It offers good options such as transportation opportunities, being intertwined with the surrounding districts, social opportunities, job opportunities, and in a good position to reaching everything easily. These special opportunities mean that you can meet all your expectations and needs without leaving the district. This neighborhood, which is within walking distance of many main centers, offers variable rental opportunities according to the districts.

For those who prefer to live in the center, the house options for rent in Şişli are definitely important. In this district, you must first decide which neighborhood to choose. It is easier to find a house for rent far from the center, relatively inland, at much more affordable prices. In addition, the rentals will be higher in the center, main streets, and close to the workplaces. There may even be commercial rental prices, as the main streets are mostly allocated to workplaces.

In new projects, you can also find options that contribute to house alternatives for rent in Şişli. Of course, although the price is higher, these projects also have their own advantages. In this sense, a real estate consultant who dominates the district can offer clearer approaches for you. For this purpose, RentRovi will help you in all matters.

What Are The Prices Of House For Rent In Şişli?

The financial costs of living in a cosmopolitan city like Istanbul can also be heavy. In terms of its features, this city with high job opportunities and income has a different structure compared to Turkey. In a central district such as Şişli, the prices of houses for rent can reach high levels depending on the characteristics of the building. In this city, which is always in demand and has various possibilities, certain districts are even more important. When the prices of houses for rent in Şişli are analyzed from this point of view, it will be appropriate for some districts but higher than others. When you minimize your transportation costs, the average rental price of 7000₺ in Şişli will be quite reasonable. It is possible to find a house with these amounts and more than that in certain neighborhoods. The savings you will gain from time and transportation costs will significantly balance your income. People working and living in this district have a certain level of income. Therefore, the prices of a house for rent in Şişli can range from 7000₺ to 20000₺. Of course, the scale of salaries is variable and mostly belongs to businesses or luxury residences. For this reason, the scale of the house for rent in Şişli can always differ. The first thing people who are looking for a house for rent in Şişli should find a suitable home for their needs with the right criteria. RentRovi provides you with the fastest and most convenient solutions for renting a house.

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Getting Started
What is RentRovi and how does it work?

RentRovi is a medium and long term home rental platform that offers end-to-end management for landlords and tenants.

Is it advantageous to rent a house through RentRovi?

When you rent a house through RentRovi, we reduce your house visits by 60% thanks to the correct location, pictures and videos, and you can even rent a house online from where you live.
Thanks to the favorable commission and different deposit models we offer, we save up to 50% in the first rental compared to traditional real estate offices.
When you encounter a problem with the house after the rental, you can reach it online 24/7.

Who can rent or rent out on RentRovi?

Anyone can rent a property on RentRovi.
As long as you have a valid and legal status. For foreigners, a valid Resident permit / Visa is a must.
Same for landlord, any house owner can rent out on RentRovi, as long as you are the legal Owner of the property / properties that you wish to list, or you have the right to rent out the property / properties that you wish to list.

In which cities do you serve?

For now, we only provide service in the big districts of Istanbul.
In the first months of 2022, we aim to serve in all of Istanbul and Turkey's three largest cities.

Is it free to become a RentRovi member?

You can create an account on RentRovi for free. We charge according to the service models we offer. For more information, visit www.rentrovi.com/en/landlord/ page.

How much to rent out my property?

It is totally free to list your property on RentRovi. The best is that you can list as many as you wish with no charges.
Even our Rovis(Homecheckers) are free of charge;)

Sales Questions
What is RR-Deposit-Free?

It is a rental option that is reflected in one-year rent by taking 3/1 of a deposit without making a deposit while renting a house. This fee is not requested from the landlord at the end of the rental.

What is the Installment Deposit and Commission Model?

This model is a model implemented in cooperation with RentRovi Koçfinans. We pay the landlord's annual rent in advance, and you, the tenants, can pay in 12 installments with a credit defined in your name without paying the deposit and commission all at once.

What is Deposit-Free Model?

From now on, the deposit you have paid to date is completely in your pocket with this model. As a landlord, you can get your entire annual rent in advance and you don't have to worry about paying monthly rent.

Usage Guides
How do I create an account?

To create an account as a tenant, press the Sign Up button and follow the instructions on the page.

How to book a visit?

From the property details page, click the Schedule a Visit button, select your available time range and submit your request. Within 12 hours the house owner or a RentRovi agent will answer you. You will be notified my email once your request has been answered, so make sure to regulary check your inbox or spam. You can Log In to your RentRovi account for any update.

Can I rent the house online without seeing it?

You can rent the house online with the help of 100% accurate visual and advertisement information. If the information in the image and advertisement is not correct after renting the house, your fee will be refunded exactly.

How long can I rent the house for?

The houses in our structure are suitable for renting between 1-12 months. The length and brevity of these processes are arranged according to the wishes of the host.