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2 bedrooms 1 livingroom 2 baths 110 m² Furnished Central Heating Floor: 21 Building age: 3 years

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Daire Hakkında -Kiralık dairemiz Bahçeşehir'in en güzel projelerinden biri olan Spradon Vadi Evlerinde bulunmaktadır. -Dairemiz geniş balkonu ve güzel doğa manzarasıyla kiracısına kaliteli bir yaşam sunmakta. -Kiralık dairemiz ful eşyalı olup tüm eşyalar yenidir. -Hem eşya hem de manzara yönünde dairemiz Spradon Vadi'nin en güzel dairelerinden birisidir. * * * Spradon Vadi Evleri Hakkında: Kiralık dairemiz Bahçeşehir'in en seçkin sitelerinde olan Spradov Vadi'de bulunmakta. Spradon Vadi Projesi, işlevsellikle şıklığı bir arada sunan prestijli konutlarında konforu sonuna kadar yaşamayı vaadetmektedir. Spradon Vadi’de konutların penceresinden bakıldığında, su ve yeşille bütünleşen yaşam alanları göze çarparken; iç mimaride birinci sınıf yapı malzemeleri ve aksesuarları yer almaktadır. Spradon Vadi'de %70’i yeşil alan olup açık ve kapalı yüzme havuzları, güneşlenme terasları, ayrıca su ve yeşili birleştiren şelaleler ile süslenmiştir. Spradon Vadi'de yer alan sosyal tesiste fitness center, sauna ve Türk hamamı bulunmaktadır. Çocuklar için çocuk oyun alanları, yürüyüş yolları, parklar ve ticari alan (market) mevcuttur. Proje içerisinde her daire için bir adet konut erişimli kapalı otopark ve misafirleri için de ayrıca 300 araçlık açık misafir otopark alanı bulunmaktadır. * * * For English About the flat: -The housses located in Spradon Vadi housses, one of the most beautiful projects of Bahçeşehir. -Our appartment offers a qualitty life to tenants with it is large balcony and nature views. -Our apartments fully furniture and all is new. --Our apartment is one of the most beautiful apartments of Spradon Vadi, both in the direction of the furniture and the view. About Spradon Vadi: For English With 70% of the land area allocated to landscaped space, Spradon Vadi Houses features outdoor and indoor swimming pools, sunbathing terraces, and beautiful waterfalls that gracefully combine nature’s blues and greens. The prestigious Spradon Vadi project consists of functional and elegant apartments that promise residents a comfort-filled living environment. Surrounded by green space and recreational areas, Spradon Vadi apartments include beautiful water views. The apartments were built using first-class materials with the finest fixtures and accessories.Spradon Vadi Houses features outdoor and indoor swimming pools, sunbathing terraces, and beautiful waterfalls that gracefully combine nature’s blues and greens. The on-site recreational facility includes a fitness center, sauna and a Turkish bath. Spradon Vadi amenities also feature playgrounds for children, hiking trails, parks, and a supermarket. Each apartment has a private single car garage that is accessible from inside the residential unit. Additionally, there is visitor parking for up to 300 vehicles total. All the apartments have been built with high-end materials and fixtures to ensure top quality throughout and to achieve a harmonious look. Safety and security are top priorities at Spradon Vadi, where all apartments are equipped with smoke and gas detectors, video intercom systems.


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RR-Deposit-Free: 4,516 ₺
With Deposit: 4,250 ₺
Dues: 450 ₺

With RR-Deposit-Free

A first in Turkey!
From 50% to 75% of the deposit will be taken and spread over a year on the rent. In this model, the deposit fee is not refundable.

Example: For this Residence

  • Aylık kira:4,250 ₺
  • Monthly RR-Deposit-Free: 266 ₺
  • Monthly dues: 450 ₺
  • Total: 4,966 ₺

With Deposit

The full amount of the deposit is paid in advance. If there is no damage in the house at the end of the contract and the tenant has fulfilled all the debt obligations, the tenant has the right to reclaim the entire deposit.

Example: For this Residence

  • Aylık kira:4,250 ₺
  • One time deposit: 4,250 ₺
  • Monthly dues: 450 ₺
  • Total: 8,950 ₺

With Deposit-Free

The deposit fees you have paid so far will entirely remain in your pocket.

Example: For this Residence

  • Deposit-Free is not available for this Residence

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